Energise Pulse

Pulse is the ultimate all in one mattress with a plethora of benefits.This feature rich mattress has lavender infused memory foam , 3 Zoned Body Support as well as the innovative Heat Absorption Technology that proactively regulates your body temperature throughout the night to give you a cool sweat-free sleep. Warranty - 5 Years

A NASA certified space technology which utilises Phase Change Material by Outlast that regulates your body temperature to provide a cool, sweat free sleep.

Cut with special grooves this layer is designed to provide differentiated support across the 3 Zones of the body resulting in resulting in optimum support, posture alignment and pressure distribution. The innate firmness of the Ortho Foam enhances to the support.

Lavender infusion imparts the aromatherapy benefits of lavender such as resulting in such as increased muscle relaxation, mood stabilization, stress reduction and inducing sleep.

Active Groves in the NRG Layer that enables more air circulation for prolonged freshness and cleanliness of the mattress.

Contours to body shape, relieves pressure and provides a plush feel.

King Koil
HUB Special
Spring Fit

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