You may think a hard, firm mattress is what’s good for your Spine. But we disagree find a rejuvenating sleep on our spinekare mattress and wake up with zero aches and body pains. The Memory Foam softens in an appropriate points to support you along with the natural lines and shape of your body. This keeps your spine aligned properly and eliminates pressure from specific body parts No more tossing and turning spinekare takes care of your spine. Certified by Hosmat hospital.

  • Generous thickness high density breathable bonded foam core layer - Ultra firm support to the your back
  • 100% memory foam comfort layer with generous thick quilting - Takes the body shape & controls body temperature by ensuring extra plush comfort
  • PU foam tapestry quilt - Additional side support
  • Mattress Crafted to perfection - Soft polar fleece fabric thread locked by special web tape finish
  • No. 1 Therapeutically designed mattress for spine problems - Certified by Hosmat hospital
  • Warranty: 10 years
King Koil
HUB Special
Spring Fit

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