Duropedic Strength

Strength is an Orthopaedic mattress with a High Density Coir and Rebonded Foam Core topped with memory foam. This mattress features Full Prone Support, a 5 zoned orthopaedic support layer, exclusive to Duroflex, certified by the National Health Academy. This mattress is tested and recommended by renowned Orthopaedist in India. Warranty - 7 Years

A NASA certified space technology which utilises Phase Change Material by Outlast that regulates your body temperature to provide a cool, sweat free sleep.

This orthopaedic layer is specially engineered to provide the 5 zones of the body with differentiated support and pressure relief resulting is the best spinal alignment and back support. The FPS layer is certified by the National Health Academy and tested and recommended renowned orthopaedists.

High Density Coir layer that packs firmness and provides natural ventilation and coolness to the mattress

Contours to body shape, relieves pressure and provides a plush feel.

King Koil
HUB Special
Spring Fit

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